Printed Chocolate Samples

All images sent out as free samples are real chocolate printed with our systems, they are printed by us our some of our customers.

Normally it's enough to see the free image sample in order to say if these are the products you like to produce, but we are also providing printed samples for those that like to tuch the printed result.

The samples we are providing are printed on the backside of Lindt chocolate bars, Lindt is a famous chocolate brand from Switzerland and we are using this to show that there are no secret ingredients involved for make this chocolate print possible.

We are using a standard colour test, same as you normally use to calibrate print on paper. But as you can see we are also open for customized graphics to be used. Please note that the sample cost will be discounted from the purchase sum, if and when you are purchasing any of our professional printers.

  Product Product code Price  
Colour sample on genuine chocolate Printed White Chocolate Samples

CODE: Sample001

246.00 $
Colour sample on genuine chocolate Printed Mixed Chocolate Samples

CODE: Sample002

246.00 $