Budget Systems

We have removed all budget printers from this website due to an information letter from Canon U.S.A., Inc. It did inform us about the fact that standard Canon printers are not FDA approved for direct contact with edible media. We therefore recommend anyone that like to open a serious business for customized food printing to use a professional flatbed system.

The professional models are built in stainless steel and are capable of printing direct on the food surface, giving you a more exclusive product to a lower cost. The professional flat-bed systems also have all parts that come in contact with food washable and even possible to use in commercial dishwashers. This will eliminate the bacterial growth that is common in standard printers used with edible ink as they cannot be cleaned on the inside, and therefore never be FDA approved for use for food decoration. See links to professional systems below:





MasterPiece Systems Co Ltd, or any of our websites sweets-art.com and masterpiece-systems.com, are not affiliated with nor endorsed by Canon U.S.A. Inc, nor by any other company that belong to the global Canon network, nor by any company that belong to the networks of HP, Encad, Kodak, Brother, or Epson. Our products, including Canon printers or Canon printer parts, or printers or printer parts from any of the other listed companies, do not come with any warranty from these companies, nor will they be supported by these companies in any way, due to the use of edible ink.

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